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We’re ready to go bushel to bushel with anyone. Brevant® seeds brand corn hybrids have been tested nearly 3 million times1 against the competition and average 8.1 bu./A more4. Brevant seeds brand Enlist E3® soybeans average 1 bu./A more3 than the competition. Through Corteva Agriscience, we’ve expanded retail’s access to the world’s largest proprietary library of corn germplasm.

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Need local expertise? Unmatched service? A team on your side? Well, ag retail delivers. It’s not just agronomics and hybrids to them. It’s making every farm, and every farmer, more successful. Other than you, your local retailer knows your fields best. And that’s why Brevant® seeds is available only through retailers.

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With the depth of our portfolios, we have a solution for every field, whether that’s top-end yield, consistent performance or solid agronomics. Our industry-leading product lineups include Brevant® seeds brand Qrome® corn products, Brevant seeds brand Enlist E3® soybeans and a complete line of silage corn, featuring BMR and Unified™ hybrids. All backed by the expertise of our Retail Product Agronomists.

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